“My luggage is locked”

Unfortunately, locks only stop honest people from entering! Having a “TSA” approved lock makes no difference!
In fact it reduces the number of “master keys” that are needed to open the lock and picking a lock is very easy after a bit of training!!

Refer to: How to open zipped luggage.

Getting wet

On short flights with smaller aircraft, luggage is often loaded manually out onto the apron.
When it rains or snows, the luggage will still get wet.

Refer to Video taken at Atlanta in Feb 2017. The same procedure takes place irrespective of snow or rain or sunshine!

Prevent the insertion of parcels with drugs into your luggage

If you are the “victim” of your luggage having been used for a Piggy Backing exercise, you could end up with some very serious legal ramifications, which could have a large impact on your future.

IT HAPPENS! The syndicates add a parcel of drugs to your luggage after you have checked it in. The aim being to remove the parcel at your destination, before your luggage reaches the carousel. Yet sniffer dogs will detect the residue of drugs, which you will find extremely difficult to explain to the authorities, that it “ was none of your doing”! But if the parcel is not removed and the authorities find it, you have an even more difficult situation, which has led to many travellers being imprisoned in foreign countries.

Refer to: drugs in luggage

Theft from your luggage

Many travellers only think about the loss of an item from their luggage, which wrapping will certainly help to avoid.

Refer to: theft from luggage

Bullets (ammunition)

In some countries they add bullets instead of drugs! Here the aim is to bribe you by offering to remove the bullet so that the authorities do not imprison you.

Refer to: bullets in luggage